Serena Lombardo

Serena Lombardo was born in Naples, Italy. She graduated from the Naples Fine Arts Academy, and then followed her dream specializing in Illustration and Concept Art at Scuola Italiana di Comix. After that, she expanded her craft by taking courses in Character Design at Geko: The Guru Lab.

As a child, she dreamed of being a valiant knight, and she found her true Excalibur in a pencil.

Some of my books!

May Saves the Day

Author: Laura Gehl
Illustrator: Serena Lombardo
Release Date: 1/8/20

Roman Myths

The Roman Myths Volume One

The Salariya Book Company
Author: Fiona MacDonald
Illustrator: Serena Lombardo

Cherche et trouve en Belgique

Auzou Belgique Editions
Release Date:28/5/20


Drawing fantastic and adventurous worlds has always been her passion, and making others dream
by telling stories through illustrations her mission.